Sunday, January 18, 2009


Level 40 ftw!

During a somewhat baffling bout of inspiration, I ground from 37 to 40 over the last 3 days! I remember when I first made my little Engineer; short, fat, but with a big rifle and bigger 'nades(/cough)! It was a long, long journey for a casual player. Let me tell you, thank the gaming gods for rested experience, or I doubt I'd ever have made it!

Anyhow, this means a few things; firstly, I'll be able to shape up, nip/tuck, and proofread my Engineering Guide, hopefully within the next week. Secondly, I'll be able to start delving in to the task of testing a huge selection of masteries and post the results. Finally, I'll be able to get in to this fun fortress sieging and hopefully sack the hell out of the Inevitable City!

Here he is, Mr. Clokwerk Silverforge of Dark Crag, Rank 40 RR 32;

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ushering in the new years!

Evenin' laddies and lasses!

It's a brand new year and everyone is back from a crazy holiday season. Gitz are getting back into their battle gear and the WAR is marchin' on! Coming into the bright n' sunny 2009, I have a good story for you!

Blog Warhammer has opened up a community "challenge" to get more people involved in blogging Warhammer related news. An excellent initliative, we can expect to see more and more blogs about our favorite MMO to be popping up. Warhammer Alliance is doing their part in the effort, featuring the best blogs on their newsroll to help get the word spread and more traffic rolling!

Stay tuned, I'll be grabbing the ones I consider "good reading" and featuring them here!

-The Kitchen Philosopher