Saturday, November 1, 2008

Updated Weapon Skill Chart!

Heya lads!

Check out my previous post "Theorycrafting 101: Weapon Skill vs. Ballistic Skill". I have added an addendum to the primary post, showing a different outlook on the Weapon Skill Chart. It shows, rather than strait armor reduction, the +damage you get against a set damage and armor value.

Papa Gwan, the Kitchen Philosopher


Jeffrey said...

Thanks for chart and good luck with blog.
I have a level 21 Engineer. I had about given up on Warhammer at level 18. PVE was getting boring and having just levled a character to 80 in AoC I didn't have the will to grind out 22 more levels in Warhammer. The PQs were all ghost towns and Order lost 10 out of the 12 scenarios I had tried. A week ago I tired a scenario and Order won. So far it has been 5 out of 8 or 9, better than half. I actually had fun doing them. I also got organized and started completing chapters when before I just sort of did random quests.
I have started reading some Engineer specific threads and it has motivated me to keep going. I think the more accurate information Engineers can get on their characters the greater the success and hopefully more motivation. The one piece of info that made a big difference to me was the ability/skill to throw bombs much longer distances. If I understand it properly it solves the problem I have had so far in RvR with getting killed trying to get in range to use AoE.

Papa Gwan said...

Thanks, nice to have some supporters =P been gone for awhile but I'll start updating again!