Friday, October 31, 2008

Of things to come!

Heya lads,

I wanted to throw this out there so you know what to expect from this blog. I'm not, by nature, an organized person, however this is a small "calender" of sorts to indicate what my next posts are going to be about.

There are many concerns/theorycrafting that needs to be addressed concerning the Engineer. I have charts to write, theories to test and, most importantly, the damn game to play so I can bring you this state-of-the-art knowledge! Believe it or not, having a good time in game is more important to me than dissecting it!

So to start, I plan to publish an exhaustive chart showcasing Engineer damage coefficients. This is an undertaking and, since my play time is not unlimited, I'll be taking it in sections. I'll start with 'Core' Engineer skills, then progress through the mastery trees. It takes alot of time to thoroughly test these numbers, so it will take time.

I am also in the process of writing a complete Engineer guide, from level 1-40! The largest problem is that I do not want to write a guide without being 40 myself; I consider than somewhat fallacious! So, while I have a good chunk of the guide complete, it will not be ready in it's easy-to-navigate PDF goodness until I have actually reached rank 40 and have made final tweaks to it. Another problem is that I will likely include many of the charts and diagrams in with it and I will likely have completed those on this site rather than do them *for* the guide.

So, I think I have a full platter for now; complete coefficients chart, Engineer guide, and actually getting to level 40! I also need to append my previous "Theorycrafting 101: Ballistics vs. Weapon Skill" to make the charts more meaningful.

Anyhow, hopefully that'll give you an idea of what's to come!
Papa Gwan

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