Monday, October 27, 2008


Heya Lads and Lasses!

My name is Gwan. Most call be Papa Gwan. I've always intended to start a Blog, but never really had a good reason to. Most blogs I see around are little more than personal journals that are public. Meh. Not my style.

HOWEVER, as I recently started playing WAR, and most people think my chosen career need of some dev lovin', I decided to start a Blog about it! I am a theorycrafter at heart and posting in the the Warhammer Alliance forums has been, shall we say, interesting.

Anyhow, I am in the process of creating crapload of Engineer resources, guides, videos, and theorycrafting charts to reference. Will it be done soon? No. I am fairly casual about gaming, though i try to play whenever I have free time. I am a student and I work, so free time is not often.

Anyhow, feel free to tune in here, I'll link back to this for most my posts at Warhammer Alliance!

Cheers mates,
Papa Gwan, the Kitchen Philosopher

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