Tuesday, October 28, 2008

AoE Grinding 101: Basics

Heya lads!

Here is my shameless plug! I made an AoE Grinding Video recently, finally got it posted. It is an overview of the basics of AoE Grinding at level 29+ as a Grenadier.
AoE Grinding 101!
Things to note:
-Grind in PQ area after prime time; lots of mobs to be had and the extra influence is a plus!
-Keep "Flak Jacket" up and use "Ancestral Inheritance" for the extra mitigation.
-Use a solid set of wounds/toughness gear. You should have around 5500+ health by rank 29 if you stack wounds! In the video I only have 4500, but that's because I have been playing Rifleman and don't need to stack wounds.

Anyhow, check it out, might be useful for you!
Papa Gwan


Sarcophogus said...

definitely a good call on higher armor/wounds, i've been trying to do stack damage and kite and i find it difficult.

would you recommend stacking both ancestral inheritance and stubbornness?

im about to hit lvl 30, so im thinking Ancestral inheritance, stubbornness, and expert skirmisher.

Papa Gwan said...

Stubbornness really only pays off if you are fighting mobs that deal corporeal damage.

Ideally, you would probably want to grind melee mobs, as you can easily get them into your Napalm Grenade and Flame Turret AoE area. If they sit back casting at you, you can't get all the AoE damage on them.

So, personally, once you hit 30 I'd go with Expert Skirmisher + Ancestral Inheritance + Steady Aim. Clever Recovery is actually a good choice as well, when you are BB spamming 5-6 mobs they actually dodge quite often, giving you 75 AP.

Either way, not sure I;ve run into a grindable mob that consistently deals Corporeal damage. I'll look into it though!